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Books & reports

  • Helani Galpaya (2017), Zero rating in emerging economies, Global Commission on Internet Governance, Paper series no.47, February 2017
  • Chris Locke, Jonathan Donner, Bryan Pon, Savita Bailur, Francis Hook, Amba Kak, (2016) Digital Access in Africa, Caribou Digital & UKAID report here.
  •  Luca Belli (ed.) (2016),  Net-neutrality reloaded: Zero rating, Specialised services, Ad blocking and Traffic management, Annual report of the UN IGF Dynamic Coalition on Net Neutrality, 2016
  • Gebhart, Genevieve. (2016). Zero-rating in emerging mobile markets: Free Basics and Wikipedia Zero in Ghana, University of Washington Information, 1-9.
  • AfraSuci Ramadhon, Zero rating and net-neutrality: a platform study of Facebook Free Basics, MA Thesis, University of Amsterdam, 2016 available here


Submissions to the regulator

  • Medianama read it here
  • SFLC read it here