I. Articles/blogs


Blog (Tech Go-Slow), Privacy as power: from big brother to little brothers, September 25 2017

Co-author, An analysis of Puttaswamy: The Supreme Court's verdict, September 20 2017.

Co-author, Emerging themes around privacy and data protection, April 12 2017,

Interview: How the Right to Privacy kicked the UID case out of orbit, October 2015

II. Papers

Amba Kak et al, Submission to the Justice Shrikrishna Committee, February 2018

Amba Kak, Smriti Parsheera and Vinod Kotwal, Open data and Digital Identity: Lessons for Aadhaar, December 2017

Amba Kak and Malavika Jayaram, Legal Legacies of Identity Production, IN THE WAKE OF AADHAAR: THE DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE IN INDIA, ed. Ashish Rajadhyaksha (Bangalore, CSCS, 2013).

Amba Kak, Privacy and the 2010 UID bill, (2013) forthcoming publication in edited volume on the Aadhaar. download here.